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In pursuing our mission of achieving outstanding risk-adjusted returns for our clients, GRA is guided by the following investment principles:

  • Real estate investing is not a process of avoiding risk, but rather of intelligently embracing and adjusting for risk in order to achieve optimal returns. The current climate for real estate investment is reminiscent of that which prevailed in the early 1990’s. This environment offers  tremendous opportunities for those who have the insight to seek the wheat from the chaff. Through a clear understanding of all the risks and conservative underwriting, reliable risk adjusted returns can be achieved.
  • While real estate is a financial asset, it is first and foremost an operating asset. Any assessment of the financial performance of a real estate investment must be based on a firm understanding of the realities of the property, its market, and its competitive environment.
  • The market for real estate investments is highly dynamic and requires constant attention to trends in the market, and a willingness to change strategy as conditions dictate.
  • The income potential of a given property is heavily influenced by the surrounding area. Therefore, GRA constantly monitors the factors affecting the market and submarket, including the implications of public and private investment in such areas. Understanding these dynamics ensure investment in markets which will be improving, rather than those which are starting to decline.
Different types of investors have different goals and needs from real estate investment. They have greater or lesser tolerance for risk, varying preferences for cash flow versus capital gains, and markets they like or dislike. GRA provides and executes  strategies that meet the needs of our investors.